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 Conference Final: 49ers 21 - Buccs 14

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PostSubject: Conference Final: 49ers 21 - Buccs 14   January 25th 2012, 10:57 pm

49ers 21 - Buccs 14

Yet another close game in a very competitive post-season. The 49ers and the Buccs battled hard on the offensive end but it was the defenses that made this match a memorable one. A total of 9 sacks (5 Buccs / 4 49ers), 4 Ints (2 each team), and 3 FFs (2 Buccs / 1 49ers) were accumulated in this grueling Conference Final. Both teams were forced into making mistakes but those made by the Buccs could not have been more disheartening. By the 4th quarter, both teams were still tied. In a crucial 4th quarter drive, Freeman and the Buccs were having success running the ball and hitting the short passing game. Unfortunately, on one particular play where the 49ers brought a heavy rush Freeman tried to hit the short inside slant to his WR Benn but CB Johnson intercepted it and brought it back to the house for a 60-yard game-leading TD.

The Buccs had one more drive where they could tie the game. They were near their 35-yardline with less than a minute left on the clock. In one particular play, Freeman attempts to hit WR Williams, who was one-on-one with CB Rogers in the end zone but the veteran CB puts himself in position to smartly swap it down instead of trying to Int the ball over the taller Williams. The game-ending play came when Freeman is rushed to make a pass only to see it intercepted by FS May who seals the victory for the 49ers. The 49ers have now reached the SB for the 3rd consecutive time. Can either the HOU or SD dethrone SF?
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Conference Final: 49ers 21 - Buccs 14
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