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 Draft Pick Trade Overview - Shows traded picks for this Rookie Draft and their respective teams

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PostSubject: Draft Pick Trade Overview - Shows traded picks for this Rookie Draft and their respective teams   February 3rd 2012, 5:06 pm

If your trade partner, who is suppose to make the pick on your behalf will not be present for the draft then it's up to you to contact me. I will temporarily boot your partner so you may setup his draft board or so that you may possibly switch accounts and draft the pick yourself. This will only apply for 1st and 2nd round picks. You may switch accounts past the 2nd round.

During the live draft you may request that I pause the draft for a maximum of 3 mins. If you cannot switch accounts during that time you should not make the request. I will resume at exactly 3 mins from the time I pause. If you will attempt to switch accounts then I suggest you do it as follows:

1. I must have your cell # so that we can communicate via text.

2. You must have an idea of all the rookies you will draft. BE PREPARED.

3. Practice switching accounts NOW. Practice on a CPU team (Browns, Phins, Bears, Colts, and Cards). If 3 mins does not seem realistic then let me know ASAP.

3. Be logged in to the draft on your PS3.

3. If your trade partner drafts ahead of you then you should switch to his team before the draft starts. If you draft ahead of your trade partner then obviously make the switch after you make your pick.

4. To switch teams you leave the franchise through the Leave Franchise option on your PS3 and then rejoin the SIM Franchise (search "Bluray") as your partner's team. Text/PM me if you need the pass.

5. Finally, you must accept the possibility that something will go wrong and your draft pick goes to hell. As you can see, trading draft picks is complicated. Do so at your own risk.

Team / Team Trade Partner - Draft Pick

Dolphins (CPU) / Redskins - 1st rounder #19 overall

Ravens / Redskins - 2nd rounder #51 overall & Jaguars 2nd rounder #57 overall

Chiefs / Bills - 1st rounder #5 overall

Bills / Jets - 1st rounder #22 over all, and 49ers 1st rounder #32 overall & 2nd rounder #64 overall

49ers / Bengals - 2nd rounder #46 overall

Buccs / Dallas - 1st rounder #3 overall

Eagles / Packers - 1st rounder #16 & 3rd rounder, and Jets 3rd rounder

Steelers / Chiefs 1st rounder #10 overall, Bengals 1st rounder #14 overall, Eagles 1st rounder #28 & 3rd rounder, and Jags 3rd rounder

Jaguars / Buccs - 1st rounder #30 overall, Eagles 2nd rounder #60 overall, Seahawks 2nd & Ravens 3rd rounder

Dallas / Cardinals - 1st rounder #8 overall, Buccs 2nd rounder #62 overall & 3rd , and Jets 2nd rounder #54 overall

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Draft Pick Trade Overview - Shows traded picks for this Rookie Draft and their respective teams
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