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 Must Read: Week 1 / Team Prices / Season 1 Winnings

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PostSubject: Must Read: Week 1 / Team Prices / Season 1 Winnings   February 12th 2012, 2:01 pm

Week 1 will officially begin Monday Feb. 13, 2012. We will be advancing every 4 days, which should give us enough time to play into Season 3, and right before Madden 13 is released. Everyone should be scheduling games in the Scheduling Forum. An owner will have the option to have his opponent booted if he posts in the Scheduling Forum within 2 days of the new week and his opponent does not respond within 2 days of that post. Sometimes it's more convenient to text someone so I will create a Google Doc with everyone's cell #. I will PM every owner the link. If you do not want your # included please let me know. I will send the link out Monday evening.

Warning: If I have to boot an owner who did not respond to his opponent's post or did not contact him or me in any other way regarding their game, then they will receive a strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the Franchise. Occasionally owners will not be able to play their game but they must let his opponent know. You have 2 days from the Scheduling Forum post created by your opponent. I advice everyone to post as early as they can.

As was decided via a majority vote, Season 2's Team Prices will not change from Season 1. I will contact every owner and ask whether they will pay their team's price and join the money competition or play Season 2 for free. For those who won money in Season 1, I will ask whether they plan on using their winnings toward their Season 2 team's price or keep it.

As I stated before, if I win any money from Cruz's Non-Sim league I will donate it towards Season 2 and Season 3. Wish me luck cheers
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Must Read: Week 1 / Team Prices / Season 1 Winnings
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