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 Madden 10 - Cleveland Browns

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PostSubject: Madden 10 - Cleveland Browns   May 29th 2010, 3:28 pm


Will use motion to assist on toss plays and also to bluff which direction the toss is going. Left side of O-line is strong side, I think more runs went left than right.... Most passes were underneath or 10-15 yards. Did not throw to TE.


Blitzes almost every First down to shut down the run. Rarely uses man to man. Uses 1-5-5 that can and did create O-line havoc. Blitzes alot, I would say %65 of the time. Will use 2-4-5 and blitz the nickel often. Playaction worked on first down, but you will need a mobile qb to give yourself a little time."

- Some dude posted the above a while ago. I'd say this is true to some degree. I thought I'd share Very Happy
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Madden 10 - Cleveland Browns
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