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 Madden 13 Owner-Team Status and Team-Claiming Rules

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PostSubject: Madden 13 Owner-Team Status and Team-Claiming Rules   August 3rd 2012, 4:38 pm

Below you can see the current owner-team statuses. Those teams highlighted in red have an owner set in stone. Those in orange could possibly become available but depends on whether their former owners return to claim them. Those teams in green are completely available.

Once the period begins for claiming teams, winning owners will be determined as follows:

1. If a claim request goes unchallenged for 2 days then that owner has 24hrs to donate before the team becomes available again.

2. If multiple claim requests are placed on one team then the winner will be determined in a Madden 13 match. Winner has 24hrs to donate before the team becomes available again.

3. I understand certain owners are more talented Madden players than others and playing in a match may seem unfair. As a result I'll give owners a loophole. An owner may have the option to donate more than the TBA price of the team in $3 increments.

I will announce the Team-Claiming date soon. I will also start transitioning this forum and the Franchise forum for Madden 13 after Season 3 ends.

Madden 13 Team -Owner Status

AFC East
Jets - JC_20010
Pats - Shadblz

Phins - Available
Bills - Available

AFC North
Steelers - Forlackof
Ravens - BHITE

Browns - Available
Bengals - Available

AFC South
Titans - Dallas0419
Texans - L-blastya

Jaguars - Possibly Available (Madden-All-Pro 1st dibs)
Colts - Available

AFC West
Chargers - Sdcg81
Chiefs - RL10529
Raiders - NYraiderfan1983

Broncos - Available

NFC East
Eagles - Ddt928
Redskins - Warped71
Cowboys - DaBoyz322
Giants - Don

NFC North
Vikings - Manch-Vegas-Prez
Bears - Possibly Available (Bearsinc 1st dibs)
Packers - Possibly Available (Jaffe 1st dibs)
Lions - Possibly Available (Cap 1st dibs)

NFC South
Falcons - Skillivey
Buccs - Possibly Available (Bucfan 1st dibs)
Saints - Possibly Available (Flyasomuahfly 1st dibs)
Panthers - Possibly Available (AU 1st dibs)

NFC West
Seahawks - Ostro1980
49ers - Available
Cards - Available

Rams - Possibly Available (BH 1st dibs)
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Madden 13 Owner-Team Status and Team-Claiming Rules
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