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 Madden 13 News

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PostSubject: Madden 13 News   August 28th 2012, 11:29 am

I won't have Madden 13 until this evening but I have read a lot and I really love the following changes they've made and which I think show Madden is finally turning the corner toward a more realistic game experience.

1. No more slant out audible. This play doesn't exist in the NFL and now it doesn't in Madden.

2. You can't move players manually without having them return to their original position once you switch control to another player. This doesn't really affect our sim Franchise since our rules already take care of it, but at least this shows EA's attempt at stopping unrealistic nanos. Hopefully they'll fix the O-line completely and they won't have to restrict movement next time.

3. Receiver icons will not show up unless they are looking for the ball. In other words, certain routes will need to be completed before you can throw the ball to that WR. This will further emphasize trimming and the importance of making reads.

4. You can hot-route a RB to "Block and Release." No longer are we restricted to finding plays where the RB is on a blue route. Might not seem important but it really is.

5. Total Control Passing: Probably my favorite addition. I can't wait to make that perfect back shoulder throw. You have total freedom. You can also "stop a play-action early" and get rid of the ball faster if you see you are about to get pummeled. Hopefully it makes play-action more serviceable than in Madden 12.

6. No longer will you be able to identify Man or Zone coverage pre-snap. Not even if you motion WRs. My game depended a lot on identifying man or zone pre-snap and attacking that specific coverage. Now I (and everyone else) will have to have man and zone coverage-beating routes at the same time. Just like the pros. User awareness challenged even further.

7. Infinity Engine (True Physics): Another big addition but we all know about this one. Nice to know my RB will have to hurdle over a fallen defender or else trip over him.

8. Connected Careers: I don't know much about how it will play out online but I know it sounds amazing. Love the addition of a salary cap system, player awards, draft scouting, in-depth news and updates... I don't quite know how the free agent system works but I'm sure it will be good and true to the NFL. Looks like I'll be having more free time.
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Madden 13 News
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