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 Competiton Update!

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PostSubject: Competiton Update!   December 28th 2010, 7:24 pm

I was hoping to do the following:

"The following is just a brief idea as to how the competitions will break down. The teams named are not set in stone. They are just the most likely to make it.

Level 1 (Super Bowl)

AFC Participants

Dolphins, Bengals, Titans, Raiders, Colts/Texans/Chargers (2 of 3)

NFC Participants

Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, 49ers, Eagles, Rams/Saints (1 of 2)

Level 2

AFC Participants

Dolphins, Chargers

NFC Participants

Giants, 49ers, Eagles

Level 3

AFC Participants

Texans, Titans, Jaguars

NFC Participants

Bears, Seahawks

Level 4

AFC Participants

Raiders, Browns

NFC Participants

Rams, Buccaneers"

However, KCA_Eagle made the following observation:

"I dont see how that will work to do another round of playoffs after the SB is played, will we play the games in normal ranked modes? Also rosters will be different, like I'll have a 94 and all the rosters moves like Moss on titans that wont match our rosters that we have here"

That totally screws things up. We cannot as a result play offline to determine Level 2-4 champs. The reason I wanted to have extra tournaments for Level 2-4 teams was because I wanted everyone (great teams, good teams, and poor teams) to have a chance at winning something. Obviously great players can do well with poor teams but a great player with a great team can always do better. I wanted a system that gave everyone an equal shot at winning something. The current system hasn't worked out that way and needs to be changed.

I am not setting anything in stone but it seems the entire prize pot should be divided among all teams that make the playoffs. I will even try to refund money to those that don't make it to the playoffs. I will propose something to you guys later today or tomorrow and we can all decided what to do.

As far as non-sim play being used in the playoffs I will be enforcing an strict policy. I will contact every playoff team, especially those teams who have been involved with non-sim play disputes, and remind them of the rules. One strike and your out in the playoffs. I will make things more specific once we start the playoffs.

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Competiton Update!
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