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 Free Agen Draft - Draft Info, Order & Update

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PostSubject: Free Agen Draft - Draft Info, Order & Update   February 11th 2011, 4:37 pm

All team Salary Caps have been updated. You guys have until the start of Week 1 to be at the 53-man roster limit and under the cap. Do not manually cut players. Post the cuts you want to make in you team's Salary Cap page. I will make the cuts for you in time.

The Free Agent draft will start this Monday (Feb 14) at 12 Noon EST and finish at 11pm EST. contacted via text/pm 1 hr prior to the start of the draft. Each owner will have 30mins to post their pick or else I the commissioner will make one for you. The Free Agent draft shouldn't last longer than 2 days and will probably finish the first day. All Top 20 Free Agents will be listed HERE.

The following shows the order of the Rookie Draft and the adjusted order of the Free Agent draft. I made these adjustments based on last year's performance, familiarity with the owners Madden skills, quality of current team, and the order of the Rookie Draft.

Rookie Draft Order

1.Falcons (PSN = Skillivey) *Made playoffs w/ Seahawks Season 1. (A)
2.Patriots (PSN = Shadblz) *New member. Quality Madden player. (A)
3.Packers (PSN = Trumptight) *Missed playoffs w/ Cowboys Season 1. (A)
4.Steelers (PSN = Steelers875) *New member. Novice Madden player. (B)
5.Ravens (PSN = AU6294TX) *Made playoffs w/ Titans Season 1. (A)
6.Saints (PSN = Biggy419) *Missed playoffs Season 1. (A)
7.Cowboys (PSN = DaBoyz322) *New member. Unknown Madden skill. (A)
8.Jets (PSN = Trusts-) *Missed playoffs w/ Steelers Season 1. (A)
9.Bears (PSN = Repeatthe3peat) *Missed playoffs w/ Bears Season 1. (A)
10.Colts (PSN = Jaffe_Jo) *Missed playoffs w/ Colts Season 1. (A)
11.Buccs (PSN = WATIII) *New member. Unknown Madden skill. (B)
12.Chargers (PSN = RyMer22) *Made playoffs w/ Chargers Season 1. (A)
13.Rams (PSN = BH_421) *Made playoffs w/ Rams Season 1. (A)
14.Dolphins (PSN = Madden-ALL-PRO) *Made playoffs w/ Phins Season 1. (B)
15.Vikings (PSN = Forlackof) *Made playoffs w/ Vikes Season 1. (A)
16.Eagles (PSN = GoMikeVickGo) *New member. Quality Madden player. (A)
17.Texans (PSN = L-Blastya) *Made playoffs w/ Texans Season 1. (A)
18.Bengals (PSN = JC_20010) *Made playoffs w/ Buccs Season 1. (A)
19.Giants (PSN = DonVCorleone) *Made playoffs w/ Giants Season 1. (A)
20.Raiders (PSN = Jiggaman16) *Made Super Bowl w/ Raiders Season 1. (B)
21.49ers (PSN = pillBOXhat) *Won Super Bowl w/ 49ers Season 1. (A)

Note: A = Participating in Jackpot, B = Not Participating in Jackpot

Adjusted Free Agent Draft Order

1.Broncos (PSN = sirvikings24)
2. Steelers (PSN = Steelers875)
3.Buccs (PSN = WATIII)
4.Saints (PSN = Biggy419)
5.Bears (PSN = Repeatthe3peat)
6.Falcons (PSN = Skillivey)
7.Cowboys (PSN = DaBoyz322)
8.Jets (PSN = Trusts-)
9.Chargers (PSN = RyMer22)
10.Rams (PSN = BH_421)
11.Dolphins (PSN = Madden-ALL-PRO)
12.Bengals (PSN = JC_20010)
13.Packers (PSN = Trumptight)
14.Vikings (PSN = Forlackof)
15.Colts (PSN = Jaffe_Jo)
16.Texans (PSN = L-Blastya)
17.Eagles (PSN = GoMikeVickGo)
18.Ravens (PSN = AU6294TX)
19.Giants (PSN = DonVCorleone)
20.Raiders (PSN = Jiggaman16)
21.49ers (PSN = pillBOXhat)
22.Patriots (PSN = Shadblz)
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Free Agen Draft - Draft Info, Order & Update
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