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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   April 7th 2010, 2:28 pm

Here are a list of rules you must abise to in order to post in this Forum. If you break one, or get near to breaking one, you will be warned. The possibility of a ban on here and within the Franchise might also occur depending on the situation you're in. So please, make it easier not only on you but on us as well and just abide by this list.


1. Flaming: Flaming means when a member clearly insults someone else for no, or little, reason. This is whether you refer to them in a derogatory manner or simply call them an idiot or say they're 'stupid'. Whatever the situation might be, the posts will be deleted.

2. Offensive Posts: Any posts involving excessive swearing, insults, threats, racism (discrimination), and anything else beyond the limit of being appropriate will be considered offensive. These posts will also be removed.

3. Trolling: Posting for the sole intent to insult and/or annoy other members of the Forum. DO NOT posts if you know it will upset another player.

4. Flooding/Irrelevant Posting: Constantly posting for no apparent reason will not be tolerated for it spams and clutters these boards. We made these Forums to PREVENT clutter and you're just making more of it. This subject also pertains to those of you whom intend to advertise your websites, franchises, etc. in our Forum. This will also not be tolerated and they will be deleted along with your post count. (Ex: Replying to a thread with "I agree" or any other short, unnecessary statement. Also, replying with "Go to my franchise, ]LINK[".)

5. Off-Topic Posts: When you post or make a thread in a certain section of the Forum, make sure it pertains to the subject of that section. Don't use our Forum to discuss how your dad is at his job unless it's in the Off-Topic Category. Otherwise, it shouldn't be seen.

6. Impersonation: Any attempt to disguise yourself or pretend to be another member/Commissioner of the League will absolutely NOT be tolerated and will guarantee yourself a ban from both the Forum and the Franchise.

7. Pity-Patties: If you're not in our League you are still allowed to post here. However, if you post in order to disrupt us (flaming) then you will be swiftly removed from our Forum.
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General Forum Rules
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