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 2-Time Super Bowl Champs San Francisco 49ers - Come get it!

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PostSubject: 2-Time Super Bowl Champs San Francisco 49ers - Come get it!   August 21st 2011, 4:05 pm


I'm a bigger threat through the air but I will try to run it very often, especially on throwing downs. I love to work out of close sets. I will run everything from a pitch to a counter and try to deceive the direction of the run with a variety of pre-snap motions.

Whenever the run game isn't working or if down by more than a TD, I will attack with multiple Gun formations including Snugs, Trips, Guns Doubles, Trip Wk, and Off Split. I use almost every passing formation in my playbook. I try not to focus on any one play unless I'm trying to set my opponent up for a big play. I do not focus primarily on any single receiver, but Vernon Davis will most often lead in receptions. Again, I like to work out of tight sets in order to tell whether my opponent is in man coverage or zone.


I will blitz on almost every play. There will always be heat coming or at least it will appear that way. I love to work out of the 335, nikcle normal , and nickle sub on passing downs. When ever my opponent starts to make quick reads, I will increase the heat but then go full coverage and try to go for the pick. I love zone and will work out of 70-80% of the time. I also primarily use the FS and roam with him trying to anticipate my opponents reads. This sometimes leaves a WR with one-on-one coverage and makes me susceptible for a big play deep down the field.
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2-Time Super Bowl Champs San Francisco 49ers - Come get it!
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