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 Top 10 Team Season Reviews

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PostSubject: Top 10 Team Season Reviews   January 4th 2011, 4:56 pm

#1 49ers: The San Francisco 49ers (14-0) are the only unbeaten through 15 weeks. Even though they are undefeated, a majority of those wins have come vs the CPU or user teams without very much firepower. Their biggest games include close victories over the Raiders (12-2) and Eagles (10-4). The 49ers posses a stingy and aggressive defense (2nd fewest points allowed) and a balanced offense. The 49ers must prove their #1 ranking with a Super Bowl win in order for their season to be a successful one.

#2 Giants: The New York Giants (13-1) have played numerous teams in the top 10 throughout the season and have come out victorious. If not for a major debacle against the Cowboys in Week 7, the Giants would be #1. This is the same Giants team that went undefeated last year through 17 Weeks but fell short of a perfect season in the playoffs. On defense New York have relied on their strong and quick CBs and elite DEs. The offense has made a point to stress their running game with Bradshaw leading the way. Manning hasn't been spectacular and probably turnover-prone, but has been successful enough to lead his team to a 13-1 season so far. The Giants are among the favorites to win it all but only time will tell.

#3 Raiders: The Oakland Raiders (12-2) are as dominant on defense as they are on offense. The have scored the most points in the league and have allowed the fewest. The defense has punished opponents with numerous INTs and sacks. The offense has primarily dished out assaults in the air with Heyward-Bay and McFadden on the ground. Their schedule has not been the toughest in the league but it seems like it would not have mattered if it was. Their record shows 2 losses but one of them was a result of connection issues that forced them to forfeit. The other loss came against the 49ers in Week 6. Oakland is on a hunt to avenge that loss and will hope to face 49ers in the playoffs. The Raiders posses blazing speed on both sides of the field and are confident that will help them become Super Bowl champs.

#4 Eagles: The Philadelphia Eagles (10-4) have remained a top 4 team throughout the season and have faced a majority of the top talent in the league. Their record stands at 10-4 but one loss was due to a simmed game. The Eagles have displayed a solid defense that always seems to come up with turnovers. The Eagles posses 3 of the fastest players at their positions and it has resulted in a Top 5 offense, but it seems there is room for more explosiveness. The running game hasn't been as successful as it can be but once it does look out. It would come to no one's surprise if the Eagles win it all.

#5 Texans: The Houston Texans (9-5) has probably faced the toughest schedule in the league. Despite the hard road, they remain a top 5 team and leaders of their division. The Texans QB Matt Schaub has punished numerous teams through the air, but has the tendency to challenge CBs when he should throw it away. Andre Johnson has been a beast throughout the season and there's no changing that. The defense has been very opportunistic but it's been hard for them to stop offenses despite their solid effort. Thanks to those two, the Texans have scored the most in the league, but their defense has also allowed the most points scored. The Texans hold their fate in their hands when it comes to a successful season. Win the remaining 2 games and try to wreak havoc in the playoffs. No reason they cant win it all.

#6 Titans: The Tennessee Titans (9-5) have had it as rough as anyone in terms of quality opponents yet they remain in position to possibly win their division. The Titans have had the most feared running game in the league. Chris Johnson has demolished many a team and the Titans don't see that stopping and hope it can help them make the playoffs. The passing game hasn't been as fearsome but good enough to keep the opponent guessing. The defense has not been as solid as it can be this season. If they can turn a corner on defense the Titans can surprise any team on any given Sunday. The playoffs are not a certainty yet but with such an explosive ground game it is not out of reach and neither is the Super Bowl.

#7 Colts:
The Indianapolis Colts (9-5) found themselves in one of the toughest divisions to play this season. Their success against division rivals has not gone as expected but yet they remain in the hunt for the division crown and a possible playoff spot. After losing star TE Dallas Clark, the Colts traded away the phenomenal Dwight Freeney to Chicago for TE Olsen and others. Olsen has played great and has helped Indy become a top 3 scoring team. Manning has been out-of-this-world good and that has lead to some controversy this season, which has been dealt with and is hopefully not an issue any longer. The Colts have not relied on their running game whatsoever. It's been an offense set on attacking through the air and that is probably a one of the reasons they haven't been more successful in big games. The defense has not performed well but major injuries have plagued the Colts all season. Losing Dwight Freeney has not made things easier.

#8 Vikings: The Minnesota Vikings (9-5) started out slowly but regained their footing as the season progressed. It hasn't hurt that they have faced the CPU for a good portion of their season. Their offense hasn't been the explosive juggernaut it can be and a major reason for that is the respectable but unspectacular season Adrian Peterson is having. The Vikings find themselves in the middle of the pack in terms of offense and defense, but despite that they have battled hard and are leading the NFC North. If this team can get it going in the playoffs it wont be a surprise if they upset some of the top teams.

#9 Dolphins: The Miami Dolphins (9-5) had a change of ownership early in the season, but it hasn't prevented them from possibly winning the AFC East. The Dolphins have been favored with a scheduled consisting of numerous CPU teams, but have also faced some good competition. The Dolphins have found themselves in an up and down season offensively. QB Henne has been erratic and star WR Marshall hasn't performed like the beast he is. The most consistent performer has been RB Brown. The defense hasn't been stout but it hasn't disappointed either. If the Phins can put a more consistent offensive game they have a shot at having some success in the playoffs if they make it.

#10 Rams: The St. Louis Rams (9-5) has been the surprise of the league. They do not boast very much power on either side of the football field but they have showed very solid play. Although they have faced their fair share of CPU teams, they have faced some of the more talented teams too. Their offense has left something to be desired but their solid defense has kept them in games. They currently find themselves in the playoffs (Wild Card) and hold their fate in their hands. They face two tough final games but even if they lose out their season would have been a success.
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Top 10 Team Season Reviews
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